We are two young Berliner Students who truly believe integration belongs to everyone. 

We want to give locals the opportunity to meet refugees. We want people to talk, laugh and share their stories with each other. We want to give everyone the chance to grow with the people around them, no matter where they are from. Get to know more about SAME and our vision and plans.



Successful Integration is a high valuable gift. But it’s not easy to receive. We believe in the power of cultural exchange. Learning from each other, helping each other. But this concept can only work if we start to notice that we are all the SAME, no matter which country we are from.



We want to establish personal bonds between different kinds of people who probably wouldn't have met otherwise. Our aim is to inform about the wonderful effects rising from a cultural togetherness to counteract prejudices and clichés in our today's society.



Together we can build a personal network and fill the term "integration" with live. We want to give Berliner locals the opportunity to meet newcomer on an eye level basis. We believe that keeping our focus on similarities, will help us to establish intercultural friendships.


We are two students from berlin currently studying social and economical communication at University of Arts Berlin. Last summer we took an extra course for entrepreneurship at TU Berlin. After a while we had to make suggestions for topics we want to work on for the rest of the semester. We were sad about the fact that even of the current refugee crisis, there was no topic around integration picket.

Since we wanted to stop talking about the crisis and finally start working for a better tomorrow, we decided to bring our own project alive instead of working on something that’s wasn’t as important to us. It was about time to let our idea, of bringing refugees and locals together, grow.



We wanted to find a way in which refugees and locals could meet on an eye level basis. We talked to many organisations, refugees and locals to help us specify our idea. Soon SAME was born.

This website will turn into a platform called SAME for everyone who is interested in meeting someone with a different background. Each person will be introduced with a small personal text and some lovely pictures. Whoever is introduced can decide what to put in his or her profile. Only people that are on the website are able to meet another person from the website. With our little network we want to revoke the anonymity of the web and create an authentic and familiar network which consist of cultural friendships, online as well as offline. Our network aims to simplify meetings between locals and refugees and show the world what an amazing gift integration can be.

But to do so, we need you!  

If you are interested in being a part of SAME, please write us an email.  


We just started out litte project of the heart and are more than happy to see it grow. To keep yourself updated take a look at our BLOG section or get in touch with the help of the bottom above.

If you want to be one of the first people who appear on this site and get to know other great people no matter which cultural background they have. Please fill in this little form and we'll arrange a meeting. 

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